Sustainable Art

Noura transforms refuse into colorful works of art.

Video Transcript:

My name is Natalia Ramahi. I’m an Emirati artist based in Abu Dhabi. My approach to art has always been childlike. I would say it revolves around curiosity. A lot of experimentation and playing with colors and materials. A few years ago, I started experimenting with plastic bags. Then I started using paper and cardboard, which came in the multitude of delivery boxes that we receive on a daily basis.

I like to transform them. I like to deconstruct them and then put them together again in a new format, presenting them in a new light and the end result. The cardboard and the paper and the plastic won’t end up in a dumpster somewhere. I didn’t end up in the ocean, didn’t end up destroying our planet. It ended up in a beautiful piece of art with a very strange origin.

So that would be my message is to try to reuse, recycle and think before you throw.