A Quarter Lens

Despite an illness leaving her with only one-quarter vision, Aldana creates her own unique photography

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Aldan Al Hash. I have bilateral retinal blastoma cancer, and this is my story

It is a cancer tumor that attacks the eyes, so soft has attacked my whole right eye and then onwards it attacked a quarter of my left eye and then half and three-quarters. So that gives me only a quarter of one eye to see from.

You know growing up, I took so many photos, so many videos because at that moment, I cannot really see clearly. So then I go back and I look at the videos and photos.

I’m like, oh, okay that other person was there. Okay, we were in this location because I thought I felt like the camera is really made for me because in the olden days, all the cameras had one lens to see from and I felt, that’s perfect for me because I have one eye so this is meant for me, you know.

I love bringing new stories. I love putting things together like a puzzle.

So one of the challenges in my life is not being able to drive. Of course, I can never get my license. You know, I’m legally blind in documents. One of the challenges is of course always trying to find a way to get somewhere.

I work so obviously I have to find a way to get to work, whether it’s family, whether it’s a taxi, whether an uber, whether it’s public transport. It’s just always a challenge.

I’m so happy and thankful that my cancer is asleep right now. It’s still in my body, but it is asleep.