Global South Climate
Storytelling Program

2023 was the hottest year ever recorded. Devastating heatwaves, extreme weather events, and crippling droughts leave no corner of the globe untouched. However, it is the global south that bears the brunt of these catastrophic impacts. 

In a groundbreaking collaboration, CNN Academy and the Rockefeller Foundation united to act. After an extensive application process, CNN Academy selected 16 journalists from across the global south dedicated to shedding light on the profound effects of the climate crisis within their home countries. 

The CNN Academy Global South cohort took part in the 2023 Climate Storytelling Simulation in Abu Dhabi before heading back to their home countries where they will produce a compelling short documentary spotlighting the impact of the climate crisis. The documentaries will be entirely shot and edited by the participants. 

The Rockefeller Foundation and
CNN Academy Collaboration

The purpose of this initiative is to empower journalists, content creators, and communicators with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively report on climate-related issues affecting their regions. This project is part of the Rockefeller Foundation and CNN Academy’s commitment to amplifying diverse voices and promoting accurate and impactful climate reporting.
The Rockefeller Foundation provided $200k in funding for this program. The money, which can only be used by CNN Academy for this program, will fund expenses related to the development and delivery of the program, associated staffing costs and funding travel and accommodation costs for the 15 selected participants. 

The CNN Academy Global South Storytellers