Storytelling from
the Global South

A CNN Academy program sponsored
by The Rockefeller Foundation

2023 threatens to become the hottest year ever recorded.

Devastating heatwaves,extreme weather events, and crippling droughts leave no corner of the globe untouched. However, it is the Global South that bears the brunt of these catastrophic impacts. In a groundbreaking collaboration, CNN Academy and The Rockefeller Foundation are uniting to act. 

Together, we are searching for 15 driven young journalists across the Global South who are dedicated to shedding light on the profound effects of the climate crisis within their home countries.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will produce a compelling short documentary spotlighting the impact of the climate crisis. The documentaries will be entirely shot and edited by the participants.

What you will learn:

The selected climate storytellers will attend a comprehensive media training program delivered by CNN Academy that covers various aspects of climate change reporting, including:

Understanding climate science and its impact on local communities.

Techniques for investigative journalism and data-driven reporting in the context of climate change.

Strategies for communicating complex scientific information to diverse audiences.

Ethical considerations in climate reporting, including community engagement and representation.

Multimedia storytelling approaches, including visual storytelling, video production, and social media engagement.

Best practices for fact-checking, verifying sources and countering misinformation.

Support and mentorship to produce a news story about climate change in a local context, which will be publicized by
CNN and The Rockefeller Foundation.  

Who can apply?

To be eligible for this media training opportunity, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Reside and work in a country located in the Global South which includes any developing country in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Identify as a content creator, journalist, or storyteller in the early stages of their career.

Have a demonstrable interest in and passion for climate change storytelling, with a portfolio of relevant work, if applicable.

Possess strong communication skills and fluency in spoken and written English.

Demonstrate a commitment to actively participating in the entire training program and applying the acquired skills to their reporting projects.

Be able and willing to travel to Abu Dhabi for the CNN Academy Climate Storytelling Simulation from December 3rd to December 10th*

*CNN Academy will cover costs associated with this trip.

Ready to

Application Deadline

15th November 2023


Application process

Interested candidates are invited to apply via our interactive videoform, or through a traditional form, containing the following information:

A brief overview of their 

background, experience, and 

motivation for participating in 

the training program.

A statement on how the 

training would benefit their 

professional growth and 

contribute to improved climate 

reporting in their region.

Contact information, 

including email address and 

phone number.

If applicable, a portfolio of 

previous reporting work, 

including links to published 

articles, videos, or other 

relevant content.

Confirmation of availability 

to attend the full training 

program on the specified 



Proposals will be evaluated based on the applicant’s experience, demonstrable commitment to climate reporting, and the potential impact of participation in the program on their work. A panel of climate communication experts will review the submissions and select 15 candidates who best align with the objectives of the initiative. 


Compensation and Support

Selected participants will receive full sponsorship to attend the media training program, which includes travel expenses (if applicable), accommodation, training materials, and meals during the program. Upon completion of the training, participants will also receive a CNN Academy Certificate of Completion. 

The final documentaries produced by the participants will be showcased on CNN or a CNN Academy platform. 

About the CNN Academy
Rockefeller Foundation

The purpose of this initiative is to empower journalists, content creators, and communicators with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively report on climate-related issues affecting their regions.

This project is part of The Rockefeller Foundation and CNN Academy’s commitment to amplifying diverse voices and promoting accurate and impactful climate reporting.

The Rockefeller Foundation provided $200k in funding for this program. The money, which can only be used by CNN Academy for this program, will fund expenses related to the development and delivery of the program, associated staffing costs and funding travel and accommodation costs for the 15 selected participants.  

Key Dates

November 27th to Friday, December 2nd:
In-person CNN Academy training in Abu Dhabi

Week of December 3rd to December 9th:
CNN Academy Climate Storytelling Simulation in Abu Dhabi